When should I book my newborn session?

Please be sure to book your newborn session as much in advance as possible. A lot of the time we love to personalize your newborn session to your families liking. Booking in advance allows us to have props made just for your little one. Sometimes we have openings so even if your baby is born and you have not booked ahead don't hesitate to email us to see. Newborns should be photographed in the first 4-10 days of life. When you book with us we will pencil in your due date, Once baby arrives we will set a more specific date.

When is my payment due?

Your $50 retainer fee is due at time of booking, This holds your spot and allows us to order and props if needed. Then the balance is due at the time of your session. Cash and credit card are methods of payment we accept however if you use a credit card a small fee will be charged as well.

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held at our studio on the west side of Jacksonville. Address will provided upon booking.

 Here are some other things to know for your newborn session. Try to follow these instructions as it will help your session run a lot smoother, We cannot wait to work with your and your little.


  • If you are nursing please avoid spicy foods and or eating/drinking caffeinated,citrus or fruit drinks because it may cause the baby to have a upset stomach and not sleep.If your baby is bottle fed please make sure to bring enough formula to last the long haul for our session (2-4 hours


  • Babies REALLY like it to be warm, Like really warm,So please be sure to dress light.


  • We ask that you interact with your newbie for 1-2 hours before your session...or to try and keep him/her awake.( I know it is hard and if they fall asleep it is not the end of the world) It is also ideal to schedule the babies feeding 2-3 hours before arriving so you can feed him/her right before the session begins at the session. A tired baby with a full tummy results in a sleeping baby and a cooperative model.


  • When arriving the baby should be dressed in loose fitting clothing as to not leave any imprints on the babies skin, This applies to head bands as well. For parents who have a little guy on their hands we ask that you book your session either before he has been circumcised or 3-4 days after as some of the poses could be uncomfortable for him right after.


  • Remember that pacifiers are our friends for this session.It is not something I grab immediately how ever if I have a little one that is harder to sooth it is nice to have to get those gorgeous photos we want. 


  • The baby will at one point in the session pee or poop on me, do not feel embarrassed it comes with the territory and I am use to it.


  • You are more then welcome to bring special things that mean something to you and we can try to incorporate them into the session, A special blanket a favorite book etc. We usually end up doing 3-4 set ups if all is going well.


  • In order to get these super cute poses that we all love it is important that your little ones is sleeping this takes some time and newborn sessions usually run anywhere from 2-4 hours. We keep the studio nice and warm because that is how babies love it so please dress light as you will get warm. be sure to bring a snack and relax while I work my magic



Look forward to creating lots of amazing photos for you to enjoy forever!